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Layering texture and color for unique designs

I love shopping for fabric and collecting color and designs – like a giant palette or a box of new Crayons – to create a one-of-a-kind item.

Sandy Teepen, creative force behind SandiesLabel, sees texture and color all around her. Up in her Midtown Atlanta home studio, surrounded by piles of fabric swatches, art and design books, torn magazine pages and photos tacked on the walls, she pulls out her latest creation.

Mixing together fabric designs, she creates quilts and wall hangings, scarves and small collages and chuppahs — yes, she has even crafted a wedding canopy from material a couple brought to her.

Want a walk down memory lane? SandiesLabel can make that happen for you. Want a special gift for a special occasion? SandiesLabel has a vast collection to choose from or Sandy can make a unique, personalized piece from materials that hold special meaning for you.